Architectural Moulding

Choosing the design of your house, whether you are moving into a new home or building from the ground up, is an opportunity to express yourself and create a space that you genuinely adore. Architectural mouldings, which appear to be basic, may alter the look of space from ordinary to remarkable, mainly when you use the high-quality materials offered via Render Texture Cladding.

Render Texture Cladding has years of expertise working with all types of project doers, from homeowners to contractors and everyone in between. Consider upgrading your home’s appearance with some of the high-quality moulding alternatives we have available.

Our supplier ties, along with the dedication of our 50+ workers to customer care, ensure that you get the best items on the market at the best price. With hundreds of in-stock selections and a sizeable next-day delivery radius, we can get your things to you faster and cheaper than the big box retailers.

When it comes to architectural mouldings, you want to deal with someone who has worked on various projects. At Render Texture Cladding, we have assisted homeowners and contractors alike in tackling home renovation and construction projects by providing some of the best moulding materials available in the most extensive range.

If you require it, we can provide specialized, experienced assistance at every stage of the process, from selecting your moulding to having it delivered to the project area. We also provide custom milling services if you want something that we do not have in stock or if you have an idea for generating customized moulding profiles for the project at hand.


Accents in a room may alter the overall atmosphere of the area. To get the precise style you want in your space, whether traditional or contemporary, you must have a wide range of options. Of course, we carry essential items like chair rails, but we also have picture rails and wall trim for purely decorative enhancements to your favourite area.

Looking for a broad range of architectural moulding and trim? Depending on your needs, our extensive inventory of in-stock goods is available in various wood species. Some examples are listed below:

CROWN MOULDING: Crown moulding can help bind a room’s design together, improving the overall look and providing a more unified visual story. Our crown moulding selections range from historical to modern and everything in between.

SHOP BASEBOARDS: By installing baseboards, you may instantly transform your space. They enhance the appearance of any room. They’re also a significant transitional element, giving attention to where the wall and the floor meet. Install matching baseboards to your window casings.

SHOP CASING: The appearance of a door or window casing may alter the overall atmosphere of a room. A casing might be attractive and ornate, or it can be basic and understated. Whatever you’re searching for, we have a case to suit your needs and help you achieve the dramatic appearance of your dreams.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Architectural Moulding Project?

With so many trim moulding options available, it might be challenging to choose the appropriate one for your project. Visit one of our showroom locations to experience our customer care and explore our variety for yourself! The render Texture Cladding professional team is available to address all your questions or concerns, ensuring that you always select the best architectural mouldings for the job.