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Would you like to improve the value of your surface finishing? One type of surface finishing, decorative finishing, may increase a product’s value by improving its look. Faux finishes and decorative finishes may give your house a refined feel. These finishes use paint to provide highlights and effects that give the piece a unique appearance. Since ancient times, decorative finishes have been utilized to enhance structures, and they continue to be a popular choice for designing unique environments.

If you live in Australia, Render Texture Cladding can provide the highest calibre of decorative finishes for your home. Below are some of the types of Decorative finishes we offer;

GILDING: Churches employed gilding as a decorative paint finish throughout the Renaissance. By using gold leaf or gold powder, the faux painter applies a thin layer of gold to the surface in this method. Silver or copper leafing can also be used to produce the style.

MARBLING: The method of marbling involves using decorative paint to produce the appearance of marble. One of the most exquisite imitation wall treatments, it gives the room a sense of refinement and wealth. Call Render Texture Cladding today for the perfect marbling scheme.

VENETIAN PLASTER: This Plaster is created from crushed marble and lime putty, which is then coloured to provide a variety of hues. When used on surfaces, it creates a grainy appearance like marble or genuine stone.

STENCILING: To duplicate a pattern or picture on faux finish walls, stencilling employs a thin sheet of material with a cut-out pattern or image that is then painted over.

COLOR WASHING: This ornamental painting method uses glaze to thin paint and produces a soft wash, or combination of colours, across the wall so that brush strokes are visible. Lime washing, which employs a paint produced from lime and water to create a soft, powdery white, and textured look to walls, is a comparable fake finish.

ANTIQUING: Antiquing, sometimes referred to as distressing or producing an aged effect, is a well-liked faux finish in the modern day. The objective of antiquing is to make a wall, surface, or piece of furniture appear older than it is by using specific colours, methods, and accents.

Crackle glazing is one type of antiquing that we offer. With crackle glaze, you may get a weathered appearance that makes the surface appear aged and cracking. You paint a base coat, add crackle glaze, and then add a top coat to get this style. The base coat will partially show through the crackle glaze, giving the surface a broken appearance.

Why Choose Render Texture Cladding for your Decorative Finishes

Our strategy is straightforward. We go above and beyond to meet all of your household and professional needs in a variety of settings. We will collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure you are delighted with the outcomes. Despite our humble origins, we are acknowledged as the very finest at what we do.

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