Painting the Outside

The best way to uplift the look of your home is to paint it. Paint is an affordable and quick method to breathe fresh life into your house, and very few features of your home have as much aesthetic effect as a fresh coat of paint.

Expertly painted walls show off your energy as a person and establish your home’s essence. Although painting your home might be difficult, the result of Render Texture Cladding’s External Painting can be rewarding. It will be visually appealing on the exterior and durable enough to endure an extended period.

What else? Painting outside your home not only improves its curb appeal but also protects it against water damage, mould and mildew, and other wear and tear that might occur as the seasons change. Consider giving your home’s outside a trendy and eye-catching facelift with Render Texture Cladding’s External Painting.

Why choose exterior painting?

External painting has several advantages. Here is a handful that we believe are vital.

  • Keeping your home’s outside neat and clean is an excellent method to protect or increase its value. In addition, painting your property can enhance its market value.
  • A high-quality exterior paint job protects your house from weather, insects, dust, and seasonal factors.
  • You can always count on paint to brighten your day. You may work within any budget, pick any color, trend, or design, and transform the exterior of your home.
  • The latest paints on the market repel stains and are fracture-resistant, thanks to the expert application, modern technology, and research.
  • Depending on the weather, a professional paint job with high-quality materials can last up to 10 years.
  • Water damage can be a significant issue, but you can avoid it by choosing high-quality exterior paints.

A word of warning

  • As individuals create spectacular and trendy external wall painting designs, it is essential to remember that the painting ideas must be practical and convenient.
  • They must be long-lasting so that the painting does not have to be redone regularly.


Technological advancements have enabled Render Texture Cladding to make external wall paints that can withstand extreme weather conditions and be applied to any substrate. Our expert painters provide the most outstanding results possible and a choice of alternatives for homeowners. If you’re not sure which external painting choice is ideal for you, consult with our specialists.

Double-check the recommendations and adhere to the product’s specs for the best results, like with any render or color application.

Please get in touch with us for further information or a no-obligation estimate.