Polish Plastering

If you’re tired of having the same old plastering techniques in your home and would like to give your walls a new lease of life, then our specialist plasterers are at your service!  Working closely with your chosen architect, designer, or builder, Render Texture Cladding can help you continuously improve your house and give it a touch of class with a perfect polished plaster finish.

Additionally, because this technique makes your walls wholly waterproof and incredibly durable, our professional team can also assist you in strengthening your house by adding an extra layer of protection.


When we realized how versatile and polished Plaster was in color, texture, and design approach, we decided to take this service on board. It is a dependable and environmentally friendly choice.

Polished plastering doesn’t require much upkeep. There is less need to paint the walls since this decorative finish, which is made with several colours, lasts for many years without fading. Cleaning and maintenance are made significantly more straightforward by the Plaster’s quick and easy damping and drying. It is also quite resilient too.


RESIDENTIAL: The colours, textures, and craftsmanship will ensure that you stand out whether you use them in a small bathroom, a sizable open-plan living area, or on a prominent exterior wall.

Polished Plaster will add flair and refinement to your walls, providing the setting you choose for your house, whether your walls are smooth or textured, bold or subdued, modern or classic.

COMMERCIAL: For big commercial areas where the environment has to make an immediate impact or serve as a recognizable backdrop, polished Plaster in all of its forms might be a particularly suitable option.

It is the best option for a worldwide retail or restaurant business when quick identification is essential because it is incredibly durable and environmentally friendly.

Why Render Texture Cladding for polish plastering finish?

You may enhance your office, home, and retail spaces with our skilled artistry. Our skilled and highly experienced crew can assist you whether you’re trying to add a dash of individuality to a space or want to give it a fresh appearance. Because we can design and create polished Plaster to your exact specifications using current, cutting-edge technology, your space will have a distinctive polished plaster finish. Apart from these factors, we have;

  • Experience and expertise

At Render Texture Cladding, all of our decorators have years of industry expertise, ensuring that your job is always handled by a skilled professional. In addition, because we’ve been decorating for so long, we also know how to do jobs as quickly, affordably, and efficiently as feasible.

  • Consistency

We ensure that one person is in charge of your project from the time of the original estimate until it is finished. So you’ll constantly be collaborating with someone well aware of the requirements for your project at Render Texture Cladding.

  • Equipped to handle tasks of any scale

Projects of any scale can be accepted by and completed by our team. However, it would help if you weren’t concerned about delays because we are well-resourced and stick to the timelines we agree upon.

Talk to the “master plaster” team at Render Texture Cladding for a tried-and-true method that will add enduring beauty and elegance to any room in your house and give your house a genuine touch of class!