Rendering Blakehurst

We have the technical expertise to render your house fashionably and cost-effectively to give it new vitality. The latest trend in home remodelling in Sydney is rendering, which we can complete for you with minimal hassle.

Who is the best rendering service provider near me?

Welcome to Render Texture Cladding Rendering Blakehurst, where our team of highly committed renderers provides excellent services at reasonable prices. No matter how big or small the rendering job is, we always prioritise providing quality without compromise.

We take the time to ensure that the work is done strictly following the demands of our clients, and this has been our approach for Rendering Blakehurst for over a decade. As a result, we have a solid market reputation and a loyal client following.

What we serve

We take great pride in offering services throughout Sydney that surpass our clients’ expectations. Our offerings include acrylic rendering, external foam cladding, architectural moulding, polished plastering, and exterior painting (only on our renders).

Rendering impacts buildings in a significant way. Not only does it give a decorative finish with many different colors to choose from, it also improves the home’s visual appeal and makes it more durable and able to sustain extreme weather condtions.

How do we do it?

Our experts use professional tools to apply rendering techniques to get a smooth surface that will look great. In addition, we use durable and long-lasting materials to restore any property.

We apply coatings made of pre-bonded polymer-modified render made of cement or other materials such as acrylic. We guarantee premium quality and add polymer compounds to avoid cracking, ensure durability, and boost longevity. Once the pre-bonded polymer-modified cement-based render has dried, acrylic textures are added on top to produce the final aesthetic appeal, which can be seen in the fine, medium, or coarse texture grains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the acrylic render cement-based?

Acrylic is substituted for cement in the acrylic render. Acrylic is a sturdy, long-lasting clear plastic that remarkably adheres to various surfaces.

What distinguishes cement render from acrylic render?

Acrylic render is sold in premixed bags since it might be more challenging to mix and apply than cement render. Additionally, it can be more expensive than cement render. Still, it will last much longer and cure and dry more quickly.

Final thoughts

With each new project, we aim to increase our level of knowledge. We have also worked hard to broaden our selection of house rendering services over the years in  Blakehurst to assist you in overcoming obstacles, coming up with the best solution, and completing the projects entrusted to us successfully. So, what are you waiting for? We are the right people to do your job right at the right time. So, give us a call at 0451 491 528