Texture Coat Render

Are you tired of your boring walls? Do you want to do anything differently? Maybe Texture Coat Render? Rendering is a process where a  concrete mixture is applied to an outside wall to even it out or to create alluring textures to give the building some character.

Modern techniques in rendering include texture rendering, which has grown to be Australia’s most well-known and widely utilized rendering technique. Texture coat render breathes new life into your drab cement walls by improving the visual appeal of your property and increasing its value if you want to sell it and is a preferred choice for exterior finishes.

Texture Coat Render: What is it, and how does it work?

A texture coat render is an acrylic component with an infinite number of colour and texture combinations put over a base render coat. It’s frequently used as a roll-on render to overlay surfaces like concrete tilt sheets, blockwork, slabs, and other substrates. Some alternatives include a smooth finish, scraped finish, paint scraper-based design, or an evened-out sponge finish. You may also select a soft or spray texture.

How should the surface be prepared for Texture Coat Render?

  • Remove any pollutants that might interfere with the bonding process, such as dust and dirt, petroleum products, lubricants, salt, fungi, anti-adhesive chemicals, bond-breakers, or other foreign particles.
  • Make sure that the surfaces you intend to work on are dry.
  • Mask and protect the sections that will not be layered.

Texture Coat Rendering Advantages

Unlike a typically painted surface, the texture coat render incorporates a high-quality, long-lasting acrylic color. Its advantages include:

  • Long-Lasting Protection adds durability and safety to your house while improving its appearance.
  • Color choices – The mix is initially colourless, but it may be coloured to achieve the appropriate hue.
  • Weatherproof – The possible benefits of texture coat for your surface include superior fracture toughness and temperature resistance.
  • Scratch Resistant – Even in single applications, texture coat render has a relatively thick consistency, guaranteeing surface protection and scratch resistance.
  • Waterproof – Texture coating is waterproof and significantly more elastic than paint, allowing it to withstand Western Australia’s severe climate.

What else?

  • It is suitable for use on any outside surface of a house.
  • You will not need to repaint your walls every year.
  • It reduces wall moisture, water penetration, and mould development.
  • Eliminates condensation in the home
  • We have textured finishes ranging from smooth to coarse available.
  • Skilled installation specialists use it.


Render Texture Cladding delivers texture coat render for all of your home’s external walls, which is long-lasting and visually appealing. For best results, double-check the precise needs and follow the product’s directions, as with any render or paint application.

Render Texture Cladding also provides various rendering services and has a staff of expert renderers on standby to get the best results. Please visit our website or contact one of our customer service specialists for further information and an obligation-free estimate.